Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Expats in Adelaide Facebook Group

This is a group for expats living in Adelaide, who want to meet others, not just from their home country, to have an International experience as well as share their knowledge of Adelaide. If you are new to South Australia, let us know how we can help you get settled. If you've been here a while, let us know what wisdom you can offer to others! Aussies welcome too!! Join us HERE.

Aussies are also very welcome to this group, so please do join up if you are new to Adelaide or would simply like to meet some people from different places...or just want to come and have a beer and a chat. We'd love for you to welcome us here and vice versa!

I think you will find that our group is unique.

1. It won't cost you anything to join, and I promise it never will, no matter how large we grow. You can come out to a monthly meet and have a drink, or dinner, or just a chat.

2. We are diverse on many levels. You'll find people from age 20 to 50+, who have beeen here from 2 weeks to 20 years, are from Asia, Europe, The Americas, and even Australia. Some of us are here for love, some for work, study or retirement. There are just as many men joining up as women, and we have couples and singles.

So please do join us, whether it is to read up on other's experiences, find out about what is going on in Adelaide, meet up for a pint, or just share your own knowledge.

We have monthly meet ups, which you can find information about on the actual Facebook group page.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Expats in Adelaide Blog Listing

To the left is a listing of blogs/personal websites by expats living in Adelaide, South Australia.

To have your site listed, please comment on this post with your website URL. After checking it out, I'll add you to the listing.

Consequently, if you find your blog listed here and would rather it not be, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.